Snow Free Sidewalks status list

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address status date/time observed description reported by
1 ALDRICH ST good 12/21/11 03:24 pm wet from dreary rain Maureen
1 ALDRICH ST good 11/11/11 09:38 am Marking the status as 'good' rather than
1 ALDRICH ST info 11/10/11 12:09 pm A few leaves but no snow or ice Maureen
8 HIGH ST good 11/09/11 09:36 pm We don't have a sidewalk. Alex
33 ALDRICH ST good 11/09/11 09:35 pm I'd file this under 'good'! Alex
33 ALDRICH ST info 11/09/11 05:10 pm Clean as a whistle! Tom R
28 ALDRICH ST good 11/09/11 02:01 pm Test. No snow here I'm guessing! Alex